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Update #1

So yesterday there was the WhyIUseLinux stream. But, I live in France, and, because of time zones on twitch it was written 10 PM - 3 AM. So ...

Update #2

So The Linux Gamer just announced the Linux Game Jam 2018. Cool! Unfortuenatly I will not be participating because of the fact that I do not how to code in JavaScript and that if I create a game, I would definitly use Phaser as game engine. But I will still be coding a game (after I learnt JavaScript). It will not be for the Linux Game Jam 2028nor for the Linux Game Jam 2019. What I will announce is that it will be licenced un the GPLv3, that it will be coded in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, that it will use Phaser as game engine and that it will be codenamed Project-Hyperdeath. I will soon be opening a GitHub repository for it (speaking of GitHub, I have created a cool presentation about Linux you can download there becaused for my class Linux is still some weird thing that nobody uses (warning : it is in French)). Also, I will now start more updating my blog and posting more stuff in the IRL events section because I didn't really do much before (except sharing The Linux Gamer's videos, in this case it isn't really a blog) but now I will reallly start working on it. So yeah! Goodbye!

-link to the GitHub page of my Linux presentation

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